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It's that time of year...The 8th annual Cool2 award winners are announced!


As one of the world's leading publications dedicated exclusively to electronic imaging and photography, PEI delivers the latest advances in imaging technology, step-by-step downloadable tutorials, hardware and software reviews, insightful features, and outstanding images from today's most talented digital artists.


Cover image © RJ Muna

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March/April Issue

What's the big idea?
That's question No. 1 for imager RJ Muna

Tutorial: Lens Blur filter
Martin Evening's tutorial from "Adobe Photoshop CS for Photographers" shows how to add realistic blur and depth to your images

Pro report: How to shoot jewelery like a pro
Most people have tried to photograph jewelry at some point in their careers - getting it right needs time, experience and knowledge of a few important techniques. We show you how using a selection of diamond engagement rings from Samara James click here

Shadow correction
There are many ways to take the mystery out of shadows

Pro report: Kodak Professional DCS Pro SLR/n

SLR/n design a big improvement over 14n

Pro report: Sekonic L-558 with PocketWizard Module
Duplicity's a good thing in a meter made by Sekonic

Pro report: Epson Stylus Pro 4000
Is this the printer you've been waiting for?

You are what you ink
The truth about inks and papers for digital printers

Portable hard drives
Taking it on the road has gotten much easier

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