10 Biggest Myths About Dinosaurs


Dinosaurs are the largest creatures to ever roam the Earth, which explains people’s fascination with them. Is is perhaps as a result of this fascination that so many myths emerged about the nature of dinosaurs and how they lived. While the world is still brimming with life forms to this day, some of which being quite huge, most animals living today are nowhere near as imposing and impressive as the mighty dinosaurs.

Over the next few minutes, we will explore some of the most popular misconceptions about dinosaurs and about our sometimes flawed understanding of them. So let us find out what are the ten biggest myths about dinosaurs that people seem to love talking about.

9Marine reptiles were dinosaurs

Another common myth about dinosaurs is that large marine reptiles who lived during the dinosaur age were also dinosaurs. As we already established, reptiles are indeed related to dinosaurs, but that most of them evolved separately from them. In fact, not even the reptiles who evolved at the same time as dinosaurs were dinosaurs, especially crocodiles who have been roaming the Earth for hundreds of millions of years. Interestingly enough, all true dinosaurs were terrestrial animals, meaning that most creatures living outside the terrestrial environment, were in fact, not dinosaurs.