10 Weird & Disturbing Parasites


It is said that 50% of all the creatures on planet Earth have some sort of parasite living inside them, whether it is a small parasitic organism or a large tapeworm. As a matter of facts, there are millions of times more parasites on our planet than there are people alive. Some of these parasites are beyond strange, but regardless of how strange they are, parasites provide a certain degree of balance and stability to the ecosystem. Each of the parasites on our list is unique in its own way, yet all of them are disturbingly weird.

9The Jellyfish ‘Disease’

The Myxozoa parasite acts the same way as a disease, attacking a host’s internal organs, eating them from the inside until they’re dead. There are many varieties of Myxozoa, and they all originated from corals, anemones, and jellyfish… thus the name. A Myxozoa parasite’s cells is identical to those of a jellyfish’s tentacles, with the only difference that they inject an amoebic stage of the parasite and not poison like normal jellyfish.