Top 10 English Speaking Countries


The English language is undoubtedly the most widespread language in the world, quickly becoming a global language by most accounts. Some of the most popular movies and TV shows are in English nowadays, and their number is steadily rising. It is a given that every artist who wants to make it on the global scene should possess a good understanding of the English language.

Not only is English one of the six official languages of the United Nations, but it is also a requirement for almost all jobs that require traveling abroad on a regular basis. Health care professionals, scientists, and politicians are also required to speak English fluently, especially when working in multinational organizations. Judging by how quickly the English language is spreading every year, some say we should expect most people to speak it by 2050.

There are more than 1.2 billion English speakers in the world today, with more than 350 million of them being native English speakers, while 850 million of them speak it as a second language. Here is a list of the top 10 English speaking countries by population.


There are over 28 million people who speak English in Canada. English is the first language learned at home and in school by most Canadians, even though the country has a large community of French speakers as well. It is also used by the government and in the educational system as most subjects are taught in English.

  • Melissa

    I would love to know the source for the stats for this piece, particularly the stats for India.

  • سامي

    I guess that for you an english speaker is the one who can say hello how are you, no guys the numbers are too much exagerated, being able to say basic sentences doesn’t mean that you can speak it! 28 million english speakers in egypt is toooooo much exagerated, In egypt they have their own language and they use it everywhere!!! how come that 40% of the population is able to speak a language they don’t use in their daily life!!!!

  • Shaitehead

    English isn’t even used that much in the German media. They mostly put German over the English TV programs.