Top 10 Strangest Doppelganger Stories


There many stories involving doppelgangers, each stranger than the other. According to the myth, doppelgangers are paranormal duplicates of real people who manifest themselves either consciously and willingly, or by chance when you least expect them. Spiritual people throughout time have seen doppelgangers as either spiritual copies of people or demonic twins at times, each manifesting themselves in situations where their presence would either help or inconvenience the person experiencing the issue.

According to scientists, however, doppelgangers are electrical glitches within the brain or manifestations related to mild schizophrenia. Whatever your thoughts on the matter may be, you can’t deny the fact that doppelgangers are among the most disturbing apparitions a person can witness. Without further ado, here are the ten strangest doppelganger stories in history.

9Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Johann’s story is extremely weird by all accounts. You see, famous German writer, poet, and politician Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was taking a footpath at some point when he came face to face with a mysterious person who upon a closer look, was none other than Johann himself but wearing different clothes. About 8 years later, when he had forgotten all about this strange episode, Johann was walking the same path when he again say this mysterious doppelganger. Strangely enough, he soon realized that he was wearing the same clothes the doppelganger wore eight years before, a doppelganger who now had the clothes that Johann wore the first time they met.