10 Actors Who Did Adult Films Before They Were Famous


You see them on TV talking about their latest project, you see them in commercials endorsing whatever product you barely heard of. You see their faces on bilboards, movie posters, and the covers of magazines. Famous actors have a way of drawing attention and the sympathy of most folks whenever there’s a camera pointed at them. But these actors weren’t always famous and well-established in the industry, most of them had to work their way up to the status they hold nowadays.

During their years of struggles and tribulations, some of them turned to the adult films industry to make ends meet, and were quite good at it for as long as it lasted. Here are 10 actors and actresses who didn’t mind taking their clothes off to pay the bills while waiting for the perfect role.

10Arnold Schwarzenegger

Everyone knows that the Governor of California was a topnotch professional bodybuilder and Hollywood actor, but there is something else that he did back in 1977. Not only did Schwarzenegger sit down for an interview for After Dark, a gay magazine, he even did a twenty two-page nude photo spread as well in the issue in which Diana Ross was also featured. Truth be told, Arnold was quite a hunk back in his younger days.