10 Amazingly Fast Growing Trees & Plants


While most plants do indeed grow at a slower rate than mammals, some tend to be much faster than you think. Nature has always found ways to nurture life in all of its complexity and plant life is as diverse as it is adaptable. Depending on a multitude of factors, sometimes plants are forced to evolve much faster growth cycles in order to survive and prosper. Yet what among all the trees and the plants on our planet grow the fastest? Join us as we try to find out which 10 plants & trees are the fastest growing in the world, plant life on which many of our industries have come to rely on throughout the years.


Kudzu can grow almost a foot every day if the weather conditions allow it, thus capable of reaching more than 60 feet over a single growing season. This particular Japanese arrowroot is considered quite a pest throughout its native lands due to it being capable of growing over literally any obstacles, obstructing the growth of more useful plant life. Originating in Japan, it has spread all around the world over the years, reaching wide areas in Africa and North America.