10 Animals That Hibernate


By the time winter comes and the weather gets cold, most animals have a well-thought strategy in mind. Some migrate to warmer places, some grow an extra inch of fur, and some benefit from a unique evolutionary trait that allows them to weather the cold temperature while still exposing themselves to the freezing climate. We’re talking here about hibernation, nature’s way to keep warm-blooded animals safe and healthy during the winter without them needing to migrate somewhere else.

We will now take a look at the ten most popular hibernating animals, creatures that have evolved to resist the cold weather by slowing down their internal clocks until spring. Therefore, here are ten animals that hibernate during the winter.

10Common Poorwills

The Common Poorwill is the only species of bird that goes into proper hibernation during the winter. Although there are birds who engage in lighter types of hibernation, common poorwills will tweak their bodily functions the same way larger hibernating animals do. What’s interesting is that they also hibernate when the weather outside gets too hot for their liking or when they’re incubating their eggs.