10 Cancer Personality Traits


Cancer Personality TraitsPeople born under the Cancer sign are loyal and empathetic, capable of empathizing with other people’s pain and suffering. Their empathy makes them very emotional and sensitive beings, characteristics that sometimes dictate the way they behave around people, especially those they care about the most.

Ruled by the Moon, Cancers have their whole lives affected by the lunar cycle which imprints certain characteristics onto their personalities. As a result, you can pretty much anticipate how Cancers behave and react in certain situations, as it is very rare for people to escape their astral conditioning. Let us then find out what are the ten personality traits that all Cancers seem to possess.


Cancers will always take the time to analyze themselves in order to grow as people. While other members of the zodiac can be self-analytical as well, Cancers take it to a whole new level. As people, they always reflect on the past in order to shape themselves for the future. Not many other zodiac signs do that, at least not the way Cancers do it. They are driven by an inherent desire to know themselves intimately, which is why they hold on to memories and past thoughts as much as they can.


Most Cancers will go to extreme lengths in order to help and support the people who rely on them. They are a very dependable bunch, who won’t back down from anything they agreed to do beforehand. They hate disappointing people and are willing to work extra hard to repay the faith other people put on them. For this reason, Cancers make great employees and friends. It is also why Cancers are good at getting work done in tough conditions.


In general, Cancers all share a pretty unconventional way of looking at things. Even when the situation can be easily solved using a simple solution, a Cancer will somehow find the most complex or strange way of dealing with it. Although they don’t do this intentionally and they themselves are aware of how tiresome their solutions may be, they have real difficulties fighting their basic nature.


If there is one thing Cancers absolutely hate, it’s too much attention. While other zodiac signs revolve around attention and the acceptance of whatever community they are a part of, Cancers prefer to stay as far away from the spotlight as possible. It also has to be said that some Cancers are also pretty nocturnal beings, meaning that for some reason, they enjoy working late shifts and staying up late.


Cancers are well-known for their ability to change people’s minds, especially of those they know well. They also possess the ability to persuade people into doing things they normally wouldn’t by virtue of appealing to their sensibilities. This is because Cancers have the ability to see people for what they truly are and communicate with them on a more intimate level. It is also because of how empathetic they are as people.


We already said that Cancers are introverted, so maybe their sensitive nature has something to do with it. In general, Cancers avoid confrontations and arguments not only because of how distant they are even among friends, but also because their feelings can be easily hurt. Their sometimes oversensitive nature can cause Cancers to develop self-absorbed personalities. Although not always, most Cancers do indeed appear to be self-engrossed at times.


Despite their shortcomings, Cancers are very loyal to their friends and families. For instance, you can trust a Cancer with any type of secret, no matter how big or dangerous, with the knowledge that they won’t betray your trust no matter what. Their loyalty also extends to their long-term relationships, in which Cancers are very unlikely to cheat or betray their SO’s trust in any way.


Despite being intuitive and reliable, most Cancers tend to lack confidence when undergoing a major project, mainly because of how pessimistic they are. Although reliable workers, they will express doubts about the possibility of getting a job done properly, even when there is no reason for any type of concern whatsoever. It is because of their pessimistic nature that a big number of Cancers are underachievers in life.


Cancers will always show sympathy for their friends’ problems, mainly because of their empathetic nature. The bigger the problem, the more they invest themselves into it, even when it isn’t really their problem to begin with. As a result of their ability to feel powerful emotions by proxy, Cancers are good friends to have around in times of crisis or tragedy. It is also why Cancers make such good lovers and life partners.


Speaking of life partners, Cancers show a remarkable ability to fight, even against the odds, in order to protect what they care for the most. Cancers are very protective of their possessions, but also of the people they care about. It is in their very nature to fight for what they perceive to be important to them, even at the cost of sacrificing their own well-
being. Last but not least, Cancers are very caring and charitable, especially to those who are underprivileged or in need of help.

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