10 Celebrities With STDs


We are reminded constantly that celebrities are people just like us. Despite their fame, awards, and recognition, they are still human to the core and they get sick just like the rest of us. Given the popularity celebrities enjoy, it’s easy for them to sometimes ignore taking the necessary precautions before having intercourse, especially due to how often it happens. Although some of them are really smart, most celebrities make the same mistakes we do.

More often than people realize, celebrities will have their fooling around sessions ‘rewarded’ with a trip to the doctor for STDs diagnosis and medication. Such is the case with the celebrities on our list, celebs who for one reason or another, ended up with some really nasty STDs.

9David Hasselhoff (Genital Herpes)

Even if the Hoff is a punchline for today’s generation (somewhat), he thoroughly enjoyed the 80s. He was, in fact, one of the hottest actors on the big screen and on TV as well. His infection became public in 2006 after the divorce from his wife. He said that he was infected even before they were married in 1989, which his ex-wife confirms. Needless to say, David was very active back in the day, having shared the bed with a number of actresses.