10 Characteristics of People with Brown Eyes


Characteristics of People with Brown Eyes

As some of you might already know, the most common eye color in the world is brown. Regardless of race, culture, or ethnicity, people around the world appear to share this particular physiological trait, but what about those traits that go beyond a person’s appearance? While brown-eyed people are too big of a sample size to base a scientific study on, the ancient art of physiognomy dictates that people’s eyes can reveal an awful lot about their personality.

After careful consideration, we managed to put together a compilation of some of the most commonly held beliefs regarding the traits and characteristics of people with brown eyes.

They Hate Conflict

Most of the times, people with brown eyes will avoid conflict as much as possible. They will often apologize and try to soothe things over instead of arguing beyond a certain point.
Peaceful at heart, most brown-eyed people do their best to act as mediators between fighting parties, even if it means putting their own desires last. They’re also surprisingly apologetic by nature, even in situations in which they hold no blame whatsoever.

Good Listeners

People with brown eyes are known to be good listeners, which is why they make such good friends. In general, brown-eyed people do their best not to pass judgment, taking the time to comfort those around them instead of trying to provide immediate solutions to moral problems. Again, this isn’t necessarily common for all brow-eyed people, but most of them do indeed appear to take an interest in other people’s problems.

They Love Books

Literacy is also one of the key characteristics of brown-eyed people it seems, as most academics these days are people with brown eyes. While not all of them prefer the same genres, they do all seem to have a special affinity for reading books. Throughout the Western World, people with brown eyes are often English majors. If not, they’ll usually take a liking to literature, arts, or social studies.


Loyalty is probably one of the most defining characteristics of people with brown eyes. Whether as friends or partners, people with brown eyes are extremely loyal and reliable. In theory, people with brown eyes aren’t seen as special by society in any way, which means that they’re not likely to get away with breaking people’s trust. Unlike people with green or blue eyes who are often seen as a novelty, thus given second and third chances by those around them, people with brown eyes do not enjoy the comfort of a second chance.

They’re Good At Keeping Secrets

Another interesting characteristic of brown-eyed people is their ability to keep secrets. We already established that people with brown eyes are good listeners and it appears that they’re great secret-keepers as well. Most people with brow eyes take pride in their confidentiality, a trait that makes them good friends to have around in times of need. They’re always there when you need to lay something off your chest and will make sure to safeguard even your darkest secrets.


People with brown eyes are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Most of them are quite proud of how accommodating they are as people and how easy it is for them to make friends with other people who share the same interests as they do. It is very often that you’ll find brown people to be the very center of any group of friends, mainly due to how inherently friendly they are. On a similar note, brown-eyed people are also great when dealing with authority figures for the same reason.

They Have Good Memory

Most brown-eyed people are blessed with a very good memory that allows them to remember even the most seemingly unimportant of things for a very long time. In general, people with brown eyes make perfect spouses thanks to not only their reliability, friendliness, and loyalty, but also for remembering important things about their life partners. It is also for this reason why they’re considered so great at teaching as well.


While blue-eyed people are outgoing and adventurous, people with blue eyes often rather shy among people they don’t know. Although they might be interested and quite willing to make friends with those who share their goals and aspirations, they’re often stumped when dealing with extroverts who demand too much of an emotional investment from their part. They will, of course, try to mingle with new people, but they aren’t likely to make friends so easy with those who they do not resonate with.


We talked about how good they are at keeping secrets, but can you trust people with brown eyes to stand by their word? Short answer? Yes. You see, people with brown eyes can be trusted with almost any information, no matter how secret or vital it is. They can also be trusted to never betray their friends or colleagues, willing to even take the fall for them if push comes to shove. For people with brown eyes, trust is essential for every relationship they take part it.


People with brown eyes are often very smart. Not only smarter than the average Joe, but also a bit smarter than those around them. This might be due to their love for books and knowledge, or maybe thanks to the good memory they’re blessed with. Whatever the case, most brown-eyed people tend to do well in school, they fare well in IQ tests, and they remember stuff much easier than most people.

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