10 Characteristics of People with Green Eyes


people with green eyes

They say you learn an awful lot about a person’s character simply by gazing into their eyes. Some cultures view eyes as being veritable windows to people’s soul and surprisingly enough, there might be some truth to this after all. Scientists now believe that people who share a particular eye color also share certain personality traits.

This might have something to do with how we, as a society, perceive people who look or act a certain way. For instance, green eyes on a woman have always been considered attractive since the days of old and society hasn’t changed that much in that respect. Long story short, here are ten characteristics that most people with green eyes seem to share.

Good Listeners

It seems that most people with green eyes are not only good speakers but also good listeners. They seem to be perceptive, attentive, and naturally curious to some extent. In general, people with green eyes are brimming with confidence, a confidence that often arises from their self-belief and spontaneity. It is because of their confidence that they often take an interest in other people’s problems, thinking that they’ll surely be able to help some way.


Most children with green eyes are curious by nature and they often grow up to be just as curious as adults. They seem to want to know about everything, an insatiable desire for knowledge that often transcends into the realm of creativity and ingenuity. As you would expect, people with green eyes will often ask a lot of questions, be it in school or at work, a trait that unfortunately, some people don’t really take kindly to.


We talked about the good and it would only seem fair to point out the bad as well. It is often said that people with green eyes have impulsive behavioral characteristics that make them mischievous and devious. Similar to felines, some would say, they tend to be attractive yet secretive about their intentions, yet another by-product of their impulsive personality. On the bright side, their self-awareness make them pretty humorous, even entertaining to have around.


Green-eyed people do tend to be a bit mystical at times, probably a result of their curious and charismatic personality. This might be why a majority of all mystical beings in movies and pop culture tend to have green eyes, which speaks volumes about how green-eyed people are perceived to this day. It might also have something to do with their self-sufficient nature that often makes them stand out because of their relative independence.


People with green eyes are said to be quite jealous, more jealous than brown-eyed people at least. While people with dark-colored eyes tend to be more permissive by nature, people with bright-colored eye shades are often more passionate, impulsive, and of course, jealous. On a similar note, green-eyed people are masters of passive aggression, as anyone who has ever dated a person with green eyes would tell you. Again, this has everything to do with how society treats green-eyed people and how much this makes them stand out from the rest.


They say green eyes are sparkling like dew in the morning sun. The sheer beauty of bright green eyes is said to capture people’s souls with just a glance, leaving them trapped in a maze of passion and lust. On a more realistic note, this might have something to do with the fact that although green eyes are found in less than 2% of the world’s population, they are the only eye color that changes shades depending on weather and mood. This may be why most poets have attributed passionate characteristics to green-eyed characters, a trait that has transcended into real life over the years. Or maybe it’s the other way around.


Interestingly enough, it seems that most people with green eyes are talented and creative by nature. For instance, you’ll always see green-eyed people having a very novel approach to most situations, along with a very expressive way of dealing with people. These traits arise from their underlying creativity, a type of innovative perspective on things that for some reason, most green-eyed people seem to share.


Maybe as a result of how much of a novelty they are given their rarity, or maybe due to how people treat them throughout their lives, people green eyes always seem to develop a self-absorbed character. To some extent, their self-absorbed nature makes them deceitful and selfish, although not always. It is definitely an argument to be had about nature vs nurture as far as green-eyed people are concerned because they definitely get special treatment in today’s world.


Most green-eyed people seem to be vibrant and cheerful for some reason. Again, due to how much of a novelty they are given their rarity, their presence is always celebrated by those around them, making them feel desired and admired at the same time. In turn, this makes them be lively and vibrant in social situations, or at least that’s how they are conditioned to be. It does seem that most people with green eyes are lovable to some extent, an admiration that reflects their vibrant nature onto the people they surround themselves with.


Apparently, people with green eyes have great analytical skills which when combined with their creative personality make them have a clear outlook on things. As a result, most green-eyed people are witty, well-spoken, and capable of perceiving things that some of us aren’t able to see. It is because of their far-sighted nature and increased perception that they are as successful as they are at school or at work.

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