10 Common Myths About Ninjas


Everybody knows what a ninja is these days, seeing how often they are mentioned in popular culture, yet real life ninjas used to be quite different than how they are usually portrayed. Over time, people attributed a wide array of sometimes even supernatural qualities to ninjas, most of which derived from other, less popular historical figures. Furthermore, Hollywood productions did nothing to shed light on the true nature of Ninjutsu, if anything, they are actually to blame for most of the myths on the following list. Speaking of which, let us look at the ten most common myths about ninjas often referenced in pop culture.

9You have to be lighting fast to be a ninja

While body strength and fitness is good when you are facing an opponent, these are not the qualities that are most emphasized in Ninjutsu. Ninjutstu teaches the use of your body to effectively tackle an opponent. So irrespective of your body size, strength and speed, you can have the upper hand even if your moves are slowed. As long as you can outsmart the enemy, be steady, calm and use your body’s natural positioning, then speed and strength become insignificant. Remember speed kills – it may not always work in your favor.