10 Ridiculously Cool Amphibious Cars


Despite our technological advancement, we are still a very long way from building flying cars. Fortunately, we do have the technology to build the next best thing – cars that can run on both land and water. Called amphibious cars, these type of vehicles have been used since before World War II, mostly for military purposes.

Nowadays, however, amphibious cars are mostly reserved for the rich or the truly passionate, people who can not only afford, but also maintain such interesting vehicles. The very idea of a car that can run on water is baffling for some people and rightfully so, given their nature. This being said, if you are among those who are interested in amphibious cars or amphibious vehicles in general, then you’re in luck.

We’ve put together a list of the 10 coolest amphibious cars in the world, cars that have made history one way or another throughout the years.


This German car was among the first amphibious vehicles to be made available for the public. It was released in 1961 by Quandt Group, a manufacturer that operated at Lubeck and Berlin-Borsigwalde. originally designed by an engineer named Hanns Trippel, this amphibious car was supposed to be marketed in the United States where unfortunately, didn’t get enough traction.

The main reason why the Amphicar didn’t do so well in the sales department was because it featured quite modest capabilities as far as both cars and boats are concerned. Over the next 4 years since its release, only 4,000 models were sold worldwide. Quite modest compared to other automobiles, the Amphicar is still one of the best sold amphibious cars in history.