10 Diseases That Cannot Be Cured


In a world where technological breakthroughs push the very condition of mankind to its limits, one would think that modern medicine would be able to provide an answer for almost every disease out there, and they would be mostly right. There are, however, those peculiar diseases and maladies that cannot be 100% cured no matter how much even the most brilliant scientists of our time would try.

Diseases so powerful, for which medical professionals all over the world can only provide painkillers and prevention shots. They eat into the very core of human beings while destroying the flesh as they progress. Against such destructive forces, even the most advanced medical tools can do little about and in the end, it is better to prevent than fight against. Here is a list of the top ten diseases that cannot be cured.


Commonly known as “the flu”, this is basically an infection of the upper / lower respiratory tract and it manifests itself through muscle pains, fever, chills, and sore head. Caused by a series of orthomyxoviruses, Influenza is one of the most spread viral infections in the world and even though it is not deadly most of the time, it does damage the immune system for long enough that other more potent viruses might infect the host without them knowing it.

As we will learn by going through this list, it isn’t the disease itself that puts a human being’s life in danger, but the damage it makes to the natural resistance of human beings to deal with them.