10 Foods You Should NEVER Eat When Pregnant


Every pregnant woman knows there are certain things like smoking or drinking she should stay away from, but what about eating? Just how regulated should a pregnant woman’s eating patterns should be? As it turns out, certain foods can have harmful effects on a pregnant woman and the list of foods pregnant women shouldn’t eat seems to be getting longer every day.

For instance, foods that are too high in Vitamin A or mercury can be quite harmful to the baby, but so can foods that are known to carry foodborne pathogens like Listeriosis or Salmonella. This being said, here are the ten foods you should never eat if you’re pregnant.

9Blue Cheese

One of the reasons why blue cheese is dangerous for pregnant women is because of its unpasteurized milk contents. As you may or may not know, unpasteurized milk has been linked to Listeriosis which is a harmful and potentially fatal infection that may cause miscarriage, severe illness, birth defects, or even stillbirths. So if it’s possible, try to go for cheeses that contain pasteurized milk like mozzarella and cottage cheese.