10 Historical Events People Get Wrong To This Day


People love to parrot information that sounds interesting to them, regardless of how untrue that information is. This is the case with most myths, yet when dealing with important historical events, you always hear people say the same things: Napoleon was short, Columbus was trying to prove Earth was spherical, Vikings wore horned helmets, and many other historical myths that were proven untrue time and time again. Here are ten of the biggest historical events that people get wrong to this day despite the many scholars and historians claiming otherwise.

10Budget Cuts Destroyed the Great Library at Alexandria?

The destruction of the ancient Library at Alexandria is one of the world’s greatest losses in terms of ancient works of art and knowledge. However, no one really knows how this great scholarship centre was destroyed. Several theories have been put forward and the most famous one is the burning of the library by Julius Caesar. Some theories even suggest that maybe it fell after it ended up in the wrong hands of Caliph Umar.

No one is certain even though many researchers insist that it did burn down to the ground. Maybe it didn’t. Although this ancient library did indeed suffer different and varying degrees of destruction by fires, another possible theory suggests that perhaps its real doom was the result of budget cuts. With little money to manage the library and foreign scholars expelled; the invaluable scrolls were lent to other centers and with no one and nothing to read left, this once magnificent and imposing library declined and petered out due to abandonment.