10 Historical Events People Get Wrong To This Day


People love to parrot information that sounds interesting to them, regardless of how untrue that information is. This is the case with most myths, yet when dealing with important historical events, you always hear people say the same things: Napoleon was short, Columbus was trying to prove Earth was spherical, Vikings wore horned helmets, and many other historical myths that were proven untrue time and time again. Here are ten of the biggest historical events that people get wrong to this day despite the many scholars and historians claiming otherwise.

9Machu Picchu a Rich Man’s Getaway?

This is one of the most visited sites in South America – the ancient ruins of the Incan City. Machu Picchu has drawn people from all over the world since its discovery in 1911. Speculation was rife after the discovery and with National Geographic running the story of the lost city, this label and theory stuck. However, as more expeditions to Machu Picchu were carried out, they realized that the ruins were too small to make a city. With a population of just about 750 people, Machu Picchu could not even have been a town. An interesting contemporary theory suggests that the ruins were the vacation home of a ruler called Pachacuti – nothing close to a thriving ancient metropolis.