10 Interesting Facts About Africa You Probably Didn’t Know


Africa is the most diverse and interesting continent on planet Earth. It is home to an incredible variety of people, plants, and animal life. Furthermore, Africa is believed to be the place where human beings first appeared on our planet and the home of the most ancient civilizations. It is also a continent of extremes. It is extremely large, extremely poor, but extremely diverse as well.

We should also point out that most of Africa’s population is incredibly young as most African people are under the age of 25 while its population is constantly growing. Statistics aside, Africa is truly amazing by all standards, which is why we’ll try over the next few minutes to discover 10 interesting things about it that most people don’t really know.

9Africa is the second largest continent in the world

The African continent is the second largest after Asia. While Asia is 44,391,162 square km in size, Africa is the second largest with a land mass of more than 30.2 million square km. In terms of coverage, Africa covers about a fifth of our planet’s total land area. We should point out that Africa’s 30.2 million square km surface includes its adjacent islands, which means that Africa covers about 6% of Eart’s total surface area.