10 Really Interesting Facts about Egypt


When most of us hear the word ‘Egypt’ we immediately think of pyramids and ancient civilizations. Egypt has an extremely rich and colorful history going back more than 5,000 years, a history dominated by ancient dynasties, pharaohs, and troublesome events, but also a history filled with wonder and enlightenment. Many of you already know about Egypt’s official language, population, or any other type of information that you can easily find information or statistics for. We, on the other hand, will spend the next few minutes educating you about some of the most interesting yet lesser known facts about Egypt.

9Egypt has the only subway system in Africa

Egypt’s capital city Cairo has the only full-fledged metro system in Africa. Opened in 1987, the subway system in Cairo is the only one in Africa and one of the only four throughout the Arab world. It is also a fairly long one, as starting from 2014, the Cairo Metro has 61 stations that span out over 77.9 kilometers. This particular metro system consists of three operational lines numbered from one to three.