10 Interesting Facts About Kissing


People have been kissing each others since the dawn of time and they will be doing it a lot more as the world’s population grows. Although not all cultures are fond of kissing, it would be safe to say that most people in the world today have kissed, or at least are going to kiss someone at some point in their lives. People love kissing the people they care for, but where did the act of kissing came from and why do we enjoy it so much? Here are ten interesting facts about kissing that you probably didn’t know.

9A Tenth of the World Does not Share A Kiss

In the 1700s, the British introduced kissing to a Pacific Ocean island. Before that, this island of Mangaia had never heard of a kiss. Today, around 90% of the world’s populations kiss. Some cultures don’t – like the Sudanese that believe their mouths are windows to their souls and they wouldn’t let anyone take a peek and steal their soul. Eskimos too don’t kiss. Their case is more out of circumstance than cultural belief. Because of the biting cold, Eskimos have to cover up their faces leaving the eyes and the nose only. So they devised their own way to show affection – by rubbing their noses together.