10 Interesting Mythological Creatures You Should Know About


All cultures and civilizations before us feared the unknown or the unexpected, which is why they’ve all tried to explain strange or complex phenomenons to the best of their ability. Given┬átheir lack of knowledge at the time, they usually attributed what was happening to supernatural beings or divine forces. It is also why our ancestors had such a rich imagination when it came down to mythological beings, creatures that were supposed to be mighty and awesome.

Some of them have remained with us throughout the ages, accompanying us deep into the age of knowledge and technological advancement. The fact that we are able to disprove their existence to some extent doesn’t make them any less terrific or inspiring in any way. So let us remind ourselves of a few of these mythological creatures and what’s so special about them to begin with.


Everybody likes unicorns because what’s not to like? Unicorns are noble, enchanted creatures that are viewed as symbols of purity and goodness around the world. What’s interesting is that every culture has its own version of the unicorn, even though most cultures depict them as horses. It is also interesting that all cultures view unicorns as having a long spiraled horn extending from their forehead.