10 Interesting Psychology Facts


By most standards, the human brain has the most complex structure in the known universe, which explains why we human beings are as creative as we are. What many people don’t know, however, is that despite its complexity, the human mind functions based on specific patterns. According to these patterns, you can expect the human mind to react in specific ways each time it is presented with certain stimuli, which is how modern psychology was born.

Now, we already established that when defective, the human mind can develop all sort of phobias and mental conditions, yet it doesn’t take a defective mind to act in a specific way. For your consideration, here are 10 interesting psychology facts most people don’t really know about.

9It’s Normal For Your Brain To Wander

We all get distracted from something we were focused on. Although the distractions may seem minor to some, the brain can wander as much as 70% of the time! This means that it is possible for the distractions to completely dominate your thinking. However, this is neither bad or good, it all depends on the circumstances. Of course, a wandering brain will be a problem when you are trying to get something specific done in time. However, when your brain is wandering, it can help you do your primary task much better, particularly if it involves creativeness. Furthermore, our ability to juggle several activities is dependent on our brains being able to handle detours in our thinking and being able to pick up from where we left.