10 Interesting Savant Syndrome Facts


The term is used to describe people who are intellectually disabled for the most part, yet who display extraordinary skills in specific areas. Savant Syndrome is a very rare phenomenon which determines the people affected by it to excel in specific specialization areas while still being plagued by the burden of severe mental handicaps. To some extent, the film ‘Rain Man’ did a very good job at portraying what a person with Savant Syndrome is like and what they’re capable of. Although fictional by some standards, it did shed light on an issue that affects a surprisingly large number of people worldwide.

9A Trade-off In Skills Is Possible, But Not Always

There is a report of a girl who had amazing artistic skills, but her acquisition of formal education and normal socialization skills somehow took this away and made her initial artistic skills fade away. Additionally, in cases where the savant syndrome has come about due to an accident of some sort, a trade-off has also been noted with regard to other skills and abilities. However, this is not always the case. Some savants have been able to grow their unique skills from strength to strength, even while trying improving on other abilities.