10 Low Maintenance Dogs For Apartment Residents


Looking for a family dog is no easy matter, especially when living in an environment in which dogs are difficult to look after. For instance, people who are renting might run into problems when dealing with landlords who enforce a not-so-strict policy regarding pets. While cats are ok, some people feel uncomfortable living next to someone who has a noisy, dirty dog, thus the ‘no dogs’ policy that some places enforce.

Other people, might feel that a big dog is unsuitable for big cities and would prefer a pet that is easier to look after. Being dog lovers, they will usually settle for low-maintenance dogs that don’t really require much grooming to begin with. Let us then, take a look at 10 breeds of dogs who in our honest opinion, are perfect for apartment dwellers.


While being a relatively large breed, the dalmatian has a short coat that is very easy to maintain, leaving very little hair around the house. It has to be said that dalmatians are known for being prone to a variety of health conditions, so if you’re thinking about acquiring such a dog, then make sure you get it from respectable dog breeders. This being said, dalmatians are known for being kind, lovable pets that get along with other pets and small children.