10 of The Most Haunting Abandoned Places On Earth


Can you imagine a world without humans? Imagine if tomorrow morning, everyone you’ve ever known and billions more suddenly disappeared. What would become of mankind’s largest structures and its most valued cities? We can answer these questions by looking at the haunting abandoned places in the world today and seeing what the passing of time did to them.

Once brimming with life, most of these places are nothing but shadows of their former selfes, remnants of times long gone. These are, in our humble opinion, the most haunting abandoned places on earth.

10Pripyat, Ukraine

Once a city of nearly 50,000 people, Pripyat was abandoned in its entirety after the nearby Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Because of the radiation, nothing inside the city has been touched since 1986. As a result, everything there seems like a post-apocalyptic movie, with nature taking back what humans took from it when they built the city in the first place. The effects of the Chernobyl disaster will be felt in the area for at least a thousand more years from now.