10 of the World’s Coldest Places


Our beautiful planet is home to amazingly diverse habitats in which peculiar life forms of the strangest variety go on about their lives one generation after another. Planet Earth is known to harbor life throughout its entirety, being a hospitable place for the creatures inhabiting it, including humans. This being said, the weather can get a bit too hot or cold sometimes, especially at the Poles and across the Equator.

Over the next few minutes, we will take a virtual trip across the world’s coolest places, in search of THE coldest place on planet Earth. Interestingly enough, we’ll soon find out that no matter how hot or cold the weather can get in some places, there are still people out there calling them ‘home’.

9Fort Selkirk – Yukon, Canada

Known to most people because of its role during the Gold Rush when it was a major trading post on the Yukon River, Fort Selkirk has since been abandoned because of its extreme cold temperatures. People have started to visit Fort Selkirk over the past few years, however, some of which even trying to settle there permanently. Unfortunately, this place in which temperatures get as low as -74 degrees F, can only be accessed via boat or plane, making it difficult for anyone looking to go there.