10 Popular Myths That Aren’t True


facts vs myths

The internet is a beautiful place, a magical place filled with knowledge. The internet is also a place for perpetuating stereotypes and spreading false information, and because of this, people should really take everything they read with a grain of salt. We decided to make up a list of all the myths that go around the internet but are mostly untrue or false to begin with. You will most likely find on our list one, or a few things you thought were undeniable facts. This comes as proof, once again, that you shouldn’t believe everything you read.

10If you feed uncooked rice to pigeons they will blow up.

This is commonly said to wedding guests before / during the rice-throwing tradition, claiming that most birds blow up when given raw rice, especially pigeons. In fact, no bird has even been caught on film or photographed exploding after eating rice, or any raw food for that matter. Furthermore, birds don’t usually drink enough water to cause the rice to swell anyway, so myth busted.

9Napoleon was a short guy.

Although Napoleon’s nickname was ‘Le Petit Caporal’, he was actually average in terms of height, and it was mainly due to British propaganda that people think otherwise. If we look at historical records, we find out that Napoleon was 5’2″ tall, but using the imperial system we find out that he was actually 5’6″, which was pretty average at the time. The fact that most of his paintings show him in the presence of his personal guard doesn’t help either, as most of those guys were 6′ tall.

8You will grow thicker hair after shaving it.

Many people believe to this day that you can grow thicker hair after shaving it. Not only that, but the new hair will also grow faster. The fact of the matter is hair is ‘alive’ under the skin, the part of it that we touch, dye, and cut isn’t alive at all. This being said, there is really no reason why cutting it would influence the growing of a new one any differently.

7The witches from Salem were burned at the stake.

Historical writings of the time say that more than 150 people were arrested in 1692 in Massachusetts for witchcraft, and that indeed 20 of them were executed. At no point, however, do the writings make any notion of anybody being burned, and this is mainly because of English law at the time, a law that didn’t allow burning as punishment.

6There is no gravity in space.

Due to the fact that astronauts appear to float around during spacewalks, people believe there is no gravity in space whatsoever, a fact that is simply untrue. As a matter of fact, the reason why planets stick together inside our solar system is because of gravity. Without it, our planet, the moon, and even the sun, would all drift away into space. This being said, the gravity outside our atmosphere is indeed much smaller.

5Marie Antoinette said ‘let them eat cake’.

Whenever a discussion arises on an internet forum and the name Marie Antoinette comes up, there is always a mention of ‘let them eat cake’, an expression that was in fact, said by a completely different person. The French queen herself never made any mention of ‘S’ils n’ont plus de pain, qu’ils mangent de la brioche’, an expression that was in fact part of an 18th century author’s novel.

4The Great Wall of China can be seen with the naked eye from outer space.

Let’s make one thing clear, from that far out, no structure can be seen with the naked eye from outer space, you can barely see mountains. Nobody says that The Great Wall of China isn’t one of the most impressive structures ever built, but saying that it can be seen from space with the naked eye is pushing it.

3Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.

People need to understand that the light bulb was a gradual thing, not a one time stroke of genius. The first use of an arc lamp was in 1809, when an Englishman named Humphry Davy successfully lit up a bulb. In 1819, another bright mind named Warred de la Rue built the first sealed light bulb and in 1840, William Robert Grove lit up an entire room full of lamps. Edison simply adopted these ideas and expanded on them in order to make the product much cheaper.

2Human only use 10% of their brains.

You’ll often hear someone make a crack about how people only use 10% of their brain, because they heard other people make the same claim. This myth is far from true actually, as each part of the human brain is accounted for. Simple tasks for example use less of the brain, whereas complicated ones require much more than merely 10 percent.

1Men think about sex every seven second.

There is literally no basis in science for the presumption that men think about sex every seven seconds. There was a study on the subject, conducted by professor Alfred Kinsey, according to which 97% of men thought about sex a few times a day. People were quick to pick up on this study and embellished the ‘few times a day’ until it became ‘once every seven seconds’. The truth of the matter is none of this is true, as most men have more concerning things on their minds.