10 Really Scary Deforestation Facts We Should Be Concerned About


What is deforestation?

More than 30% of our planet’s surface is covered by forests, a little over 4 billion hectares. Given the state of our fragile ecosystem, trees and plants may just hold the key to our┬ásurvival as a species, provided we take care of mother earth like she takes care of us. You see, forests provide a multitude of goods like timber and paper, which is why people have shown very little consideration throughout history when it came to preserving the forests that make up a third of our world.

According to its textbook definition, deforestation is the process of destroying forests to make land available for other uses and to collect the timber they contain. It is estimated that roughly 18 million acres of forests are lost each year because of deforestation, a concerning figure given how dependent we humans are of trees and plant life. See our list of 10 scary facts about deforestation that all of us should be concerned.

8Deforestation causes soil erosion and flooding

You see, trees are responsible for a lot more than what we use them for. For instance, tree roots have the capacity to hold soil together and to act as a natural barrier, preventing both landslides and floods. Every year, thousands of people die because of landslides and a lot more lose their lives in floods throughout the world. As scary as it may sound, deforestation is responsible for almost a third of all landslide-related incidents worldwide.