10 Reasons Why the Moon Landing Was a Hoax


The time was July 20th 1969 and the Cold War had the United States and the Soviet Union spending huge amounts of money in what we now call “the space race”. In those times, paranoia ran deep and government officials were convinced that whomever gains control of the moon will have a major strategical advantage in the event of a full blown nuclear war. The premise itself sounds ridiculous for us today, but in those days these 2 superpowers were generally afraid of one another’s intentions.

Ever since the soviets announced that Yuri Gagarin made a complete orbit of the Earth on 12 April 1961 and has safely came back, the Americans knew the had to do something to one-up this accomplishment. So they basically sent a couple of men to the Moon in a vessel equipped with rudimentary technology by today’s standards.

Conspiracy theorists, however, have a hard time accepting the fact that such a ‘primitive’ vessel was able of such an accomplishment and they claim some of the ‘proof’ presented by NASA at the time of the fact seems a bit fishy.

10No Impact Crater

The reasoning behind this claim is that strangely enough, Apollo 11 left no crater when landing on the surface of the moon. The pictures taken by the Apollo 11 crew clearly show that there was no crater under the vessel a short time after its landing. This can also be observed on a series of other photos and video materials recorded at that time and has people wondering as to why the lunar dust hasn’t been disturbed by Apollo 11’s thrusters.

NASA, however, claims that the module required less thrust in the low gravity than they originally anticipated, thus leaving to mark on the Moon’s rocky surface. This is something conspiracy theorists take with a pinch of salt as the astronaut’s footprints are clearly visible in the photos whereas a big object as the lunar module didn’t even leave a scratch.