10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Australia


Despite being quite a remote location, Australia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. People who travel to Australia each year, do so not for its urban environments, but to explore it’s unique rustic countryside and wilderness. In fact, Australia is world-renowned for its amazing landscapes, natural wonders, warm beaches, deserts, and of course, the Outback.

Due to the fact that it gets more than 3,000 hours of sunshine every year, Australia is a favorite among sunbathers from all over the world, some of which who end up re-visiting its beautiful beaches time and time again. While visiting this beautiful country, it isn’t unlikely to hear locals refer to Australia as Lucky Country, a land in which matey attitudes combined with a great sense of togetherness can melt the heart of any visitor.

It isn’t just the friendliness of its people that draws people towards it, but also its truly amazing landscapes and tourist attractions you will discover with each step you take through this wonderful land.

10The Great Barrier Reef

Not long ago, we wrote a a guide of all the dying tourist attractions in the world, and The Great Barrier Reef is one of them. This amazing ecosystem is in fact, the world’s largest coral reef, a coral reef that has stopped expanding and is slowly dying out. This isn’t an immediate process however, which makes it a perfect destination for divers and people fascinated by marine life. While there, people can enjoy swimming with turtles, sharks, beautiful fish, and spectate the amazing coral that stretches for miles.