10 Ridiculously Awesome Names


Everybody has a name, of course, yet some people are so dissatisfied with the name assigned to them at birth that they either go by a nickname or change the name entirely as soon as they have the chance. This isn’t the case with the people on the following list, however, as most of them have pretty cool names.

Whether due to their parents’ eccentric natureĀ or due to whatever cultural trend was going on at the time of their birth, some people were assigned pretty awesome names that we can all agree to be a bit jealous of. Long story short, here are some of the most ridiculously awesome names a person can have.

9Dr. Richard Chopp

Believe it or not, Dr. Richard ‘Dick’ Chopp is a competent Californian doctor that specializes in vasectomies. He attended and graduated from the University of Southern California, which enabled him to pursue a career in medicine. For whatever reason, he decided to pursue a career in sterilization and contraceptive medicine, thus performing vasectomies on a regular basis. There’s just something extremely funny about a doctor named Dick Chopp who specializes in vasectomies, don’t you think?