10 Sagittarius Personality Traits


Sagittarius personality traitsSagittarians have a very optimistic view on life that allows them to always see the brighter side of things. Born under the sign of the archer and the centaur, they are great travelers and explorers. Their very nature compels them to be straightforward and honest with those around them, which in turn makes them great friends to have around for better or worst.

Ancient astrological teachings, in fact, tell us about the pure, generous nature of all those born under the sign of the Sagittarius. They tell us about how Sagittarians are living symbols of the eternal struggle between the philosophical mind and the carnal instinct of human nature. Above all, they tell us about the unique characteristics that define the majority of all those who are born under the sign of the Sagittarius.


It is in their very nature for Sagittarians to be restless and full of energy. They seem incapable of staying still for long periods of time, which makes them energetic children but sometimes unreliable adults. They tend to get bored easily, so they will try to get things done as quickly as possible regardless of how effective it is. As a matter of fact, Sagittarians are more likely to do things properly in times of crisis and need.


Sagittarians will give their heart out and then some. The concept of holding back is foreign to them, be it a material or an emotional issue. Charitable and kind, they will generally be concerned about the universal principles of certain issues rather than their own personal wealth. They are big-hearted individuals who rarely take advantage of those around them, a trait that makes them great animal lovers as well.


People born under the sign of the Sagittarius make excellent friends. They all seem to share a selfless nature that allows them to take an active interest in another people’s problems without expecting anything in return. You will never see a Sagittarian be jealous of a friend’s accomplishments. Quite the contrary, Sagittarians are always cheerful and supportive of their friends and their achievements.


Sagittarians are extremely talkative and friendly. As a matter of fact, they are so extroverted that people sometimes get uncomfortable being around them. Most of them seem to have difficulties keeping quiet, which from afar, makes them appear conceited and vain. Nevertheless, they are extremely friendly and kind once you get to know them, but they do seem to be talking too much at times.


Few people are as sincere and honest as Sagittarians. When in a long-term relationship, a Sagittarian will always put their partner’s needs first, showing great restraint from saying or doing anything that would hurt them. They are also very communicative about their problems, especially when talking about their feelings. It is because of their honest character that most of them have successful relationships.


Sagittarians are very confident by nature, too confident in fact. They hardly seem to ever know their limits or even if they have any, which makes them take on tasks that they have little chances of completing. Because of their overconfident character, they sometimes live under the wrongful impression that they can do a better job than others around them. It’s not anything malicious on their part, it’s just that they seem to have a hard time knowing when to stop.


People born under the sign of the Archer are very philosophical by nature. They seem to possess a good understanding of things that other people find puzzling, which allows them to gather extensive knowledge about a variety of things throughout their lives. Because of their knowledgeable and philosophical character, people often ask them for advice. It is in the very nature of a Sagittarian to be far-sighted and wise in their older years.


We already talked about how much energy Sagittarians have, the type of energy that drives them to accomplish amazing things in life. With just a bit of luck, Sagitarrians will achieve almost anything they set their minds to. It’s just not their energy you see, but also their curiosity that allows them to break boundaries that other people cannot or will not break for the sake of convenience.


Sagittarians tend to display a sometimes unnatural optimism about the world around them. This allows them to look at things from a very different perspective than most people, thus gaining knowledge considered unobtainable by others. It is a result of their inquisitive and curious nature that they sometimes become great intellectuals and teachers of wisdom and morals. It is also why some of them spend most of their lives surrounded by books.


Whatever happens, you simply cannot bring a Sagittarian down it seems. Their optimistic nature allows them to maintain a very positive and optimistic attitude on things, even when they take a sudden turn for the worst. Some say it is because of their optimism that they get so lucky in life, saying that perhaps they accomplish things because they have a positive karma. Either way, Sagittarians are the type of people who always have a constant smile on their faces and this brightens up the mood for those around them as well.

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