10 Scorpio Personality Traits


scorpio personality traitsScorpios are perhaps the most contradicting sign in the Zodiac. They can be loving and caring or distant and cold at the same time. Born under the sign of the scorpion, they are mysterious people who don’t show their true emotions easily┬ábut being extremely passionate when they do. Intuitive by nature, they always seek to unravel secrets and mysteries, a curiosity that sometimes leads them astray.

Traditionally, Scorpios have always been great spiritual leaders and teachers of morals, valued greatly by those around them. As you can see, people born under the sign of the scorpion are perhaps the most diverse of all zodiac signs, sharing very few characteristics with one another. Nevertheless, there are a few personality traits that best define most Scorpios as we are about to find out.


Most Scorpios are secretive by nature, finding it very difficult to trust other people. They don’t usually confide in other people because of the risk of having their trust broken. It’s not a matter of trust actually, but more of a self-preservation instinct that takes over them whenever they get extremely close or intimate with other people. For this reason, people sometimes consider Scorpios to be emotionally selfish.


Because of their secretive personality, they absolutely hate having their trust broken. They also show an exaggerated distaste for all those who dare to hurt them in any way. If necessary, they will often spend years trying to get even with those who have wronged them in the past. By nature, Scorpios are very vindictive and resentful, even towards those who hurt or insult them by accident.


Scorpios always seem to aim for the stars, regardless of whether what they wish to accomplish is even possible or not. Seeming to care very little about the odds, they will often embark in courageous enterprises. Although impressive and admirable when they’re young, their sometimes unrealistically ambitious nature will repeatedly hurt those around them throughout their lives, especially when they find themselves in committed relationships.


Speaking of relationships, most Scorpios out there are extremely jealous. Although not all of them, a vast majority of all Scorpios are possessive and jealous by nature. They will frequently disrupt the balance of their relationships to satisfy their jealous tendencies, hurting said relationships in the process. It is for this reason that many Scorpios have difficulties maintaining long-term relationships.


The stars sometimes align to show Scorpios the proper path in life, even when they’re too busy to pay attention. For some reason, Scorpios always seem to know what decisions to make, succeeding at seemingly impossible tasks against all odds. Their intuitive nature allows them to see things that most people don’t, which is precisely why they’re so successful at protecting themselves against scams or untrustworthy employers.


Although quite jealous, Scorpios are extremely loyal to their life partners and friends. The thought of breaking people’s trust doesn’t even cross their minds most of the time, even in situations in which they might gain certain advantages. You see, Scorpios are indeed very ambitious, but their ambitions will never interfere with their personal lives, a trait that makes Scorpios such great friends.


Scorpios possess an astonishing capacity to stay focused at all times. Whenever they start doing something, they won’t allow anyone or anything to interfere in any way. Despite how many inconveniences or obstacles they meet along the way, they always remain focused and determined to see things through. It is maybe for this reason that most Scorpios are so successful at work, especially in the corporate world.


By nature, Scorpios will never back down from what they consider to be worth fighting for. They will show a head-on attitude when tackling whatever obstacles they are presented with, showing little restraint when it comes to fighting for things they value most in life. It is because of this that they always appear so confident and well-adjusted from afar. It is also why they rarely lose sleep over the decisions they make, be they good or bad.


Most Scorpios prefer things done their way and will convince those around them to see things their way no matter what. It is in their very nature to be charismatic and manipulative, traits that make them very good leaders. They seem to possess a talent for changing people’s minds, a talent that undoubtedly derives from how much confident they are compared to most people. This is yet another reason why Scorpios appear to be so successful in almost any working environment.


Scorpios possess a native understanding of human nature, which like we said, makes them great spiritual leaders and teachers. Thanks to their almost mystical understanding of all things around them, be it willingly or not, they will always come up with interesting solutions to almost any problems. They also aren’t afraid to explore new paths if necessary, be them rational or spiritual. Because of their affinity to the unconventional and the ability to make sense of things that most people do not fully understand, Scorpios are sometimes seen as mystics by those around them.

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