10 Strange And Unusual Insurance Policies


Every person needs an insurance policy in this day and age, whether it is home insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, or any other sort for that matter. Some people, however, take it a bit too far. There is absolutely nothing wrong with providing some financial security in the unlikely event of something going wrong, yet some people make policies for this that are more than strange for regular folks. Let us then take a look at some of the strangest insurance policies ever taken and decide whether or not the people taking them were justified or not.

9Love Insurance

It wasn’t long ago that a photographer took a love insurance policy in case the model he was taking pictures of got married. As soon as she did that, he ended up with a hefty sum of money for his…loss. A love insurance helps you make some money off your misery in the event that whomever you’re in love with decides to find someone else. This insurance policy is definitely one of the most strangest policies ever taken, but as long as it works and it makes people feel better about themselves we don’t see why not to give it a try.