10 Strange Causes Of An Earlier Death


All things considered, death is the one true certainty in life, yet nobody wants to die young though, that’s for certain. Even so, hopeful of the new, interesting breakthroughs in medical science, people are always looking for pills, creams, drinks, and pretty much any type of advice that would help them live longer.

Still, mortality is inevitable, and sooner or later, we all have to accept the fact that we won’t be around forever. However, we can vastly increase our life span by taking care of ourselves as best as we can. Here are 10 of the strangest causes of an early death that you would do well do avoid if you wan to delay your meeting with the grim reaper as much as possible.

9Drinking Too Much Coffee

According to a study published in the Journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings, people under the age of 55 who drink four or more coffee cups a day are 56% more likely to die prematurely. This study involved more than 43,700 people and their filled up medical personal history from 1079 until 1998. You see, coffee increases blood pressure, slows down insulin activity, and increases the production of epinephrine. Long story short, large doses of coffee can severely imbalance your body in the long run.