Top 10 Strangest Prisons In The World


Prison is supposed to either punish an individual and rehablitate them after their time spent behind bars, hopefully, turning them into a better person in the process. Depending on the nature of their crime, inmates can serve their sentence in a variety of incarceration environments, each with its own particularities.

Prisons also differ from one another from one country to another, as some countries focus on rehabilitating the inmates while others are looking solely to punish them for their crimes. Let us take a closer look at the 10 most unusual prisons in the world and figure out where exactly would we ever want to end up should we ever be convicted of a crime.

8The Custom-Built Prison – Pitcairn Islands

Not long ago, in 2004, the small community living in the Pitcairn Islands discovered that there were quite a number of child molesters living among them. Not having any prisons, nor any judicial system for that matter, they asked the British government to help. As a result, Britain sent a few contractors and jailers who built what seems like a prison to contain these dangerous individuals until the time of their release a few years later. At this time, the prisoners have served their time and the islanders are thinking of turning the now empty prison into a cafe or a boat club.