10 Things You Absolutely Must do in Bangkok After Dark


Despite whatever preconceived notions some people may have about Bangkok, the Thai capital is quickly becoming a cosmopolitan city, if it isn’t already. Once a haven for western businessmen looking to overspend on everything, present day Bangkok is a place of colliding cultures. By day, Bangkok is an artistic place where tourists from all over the world come to gaze upon the picturesque temples and works of art around the city.

By night, this beautiful city turns into a sparkling pot of diversity and entertainment, a truly global city by all standards. So if you ever find yourself in Bangkok and unable to sleep, don’t let your hotel room contain your free spirit, go out and enjoy the best of what Bangkok has to offer after dark.

10Cruise the Chao Phraya

The two riverbanks of the Chao Phraya river become extremely popular with tourists after dark, as it is the only time when you can cruise on them without being perturbed by the loud noise of the city. In order to properly cruise the Chao Phraya, you need to look for the Loy Nava Cruise, a cruise done inside a traditional Tahsaneeya Nava teakwood barge.

People who have taken part in different cruises on the Chao Phraya river say that Loy Nava is the only real way to do it. This is probably because the converted teakwood barge takes its time along the river, thus giving its passengers the opportunity to enjoy the many attractions along the river’s shore.