10 Things You Absolutely Must do in Bangkok After Dark


Despite whatever preconceived notions some people may have about Bangkok, the Thai capital is quickly becoming a cosmopolitan city, if it isn’t already. Once a haven for western businessmen looking to overspend on everything, present day Bangkok is a place of colliding cultures. By day, Bangkok is an artistic place where tourists from all over the world come to gaze upon the picturesque temples and works of art around the city.

By night, this beautiful city turns into a sparkling pot of diversity and entertainment, a truly global city by all standards. So if you ever find yourself in Bangkok and unable to sleep, don’t let your hotel room contain your free spirit, go out and enjoy the best of what Bangkok has to offer after dark.

9Visit the World-Renowned Go-Go Bars

Who doesn’t like bikini clad girls dancing lewdly and provocatively? People without a heart, that’s who. Most Go-Go bars in Bangkok have quite a reputation for being able to provide intense sexual entertainment for their guests, a reputation they have earned over the years, for performing a practice that is still around and kicking.

We are, of course, talking about Bangkok’s famous ladyboys, a special breed of entertainers you can only find in Bangkok. As a matter of fact, a big part of Bangkok’s reputation comes from these Go-Go bars, as they are among the top preferences of tourists coming here from all over the world to witness such a peculiar form of entertainment.