10 Things You Didn’t Know Were Invented By Kids


Children don’t usually find themselves pressured by the stress of everyday life, nor should they be in an ideal world. For kids, the world revolves around having fun and eating only the finest things. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that some of the coolest things ever invented are the work of children and their innovative, stress-free minds.

Other inventions, however, are the work of genius minds who despite being kids, have come up with practical and ingenious solutions to problems that we as a society have been struggling with for big part of our existence. Long story short, here are the 10 most interesting things that were invented by kids.

10The Popsicle

Frank Epperson, who was just eleven years old back in 1905, ended up inventing the Popsicle. Back then, it was named “Epsicle” after its 11-year-old inventor. That winter, Frank Epperson had forgotten to bring his fruit flavored soda inside and had left a stir stick in it. When Frank returned, his drink had frozen with the stick inside it and the frozen drink had tasted good. 18 years later, Frank applied for a patent for the Epsicle ice pop in 1923.