10 Ways To Rravel The World On A Tight Budget


What do you do when you want to travel some place nice but you lack the finances to do so? Easy, you plan ahead. You can save quite a bit of money by staying in hostels, traveling via cheap flights, couch surfing or by preparing your own food. The basic idea here is not to be cheap, but careful.

Many of us want to travel the world and see unique landmarks of current or past civilizations, but doing so without spending an awful lot of money might be hard unless you are willing to make some sacrifices. Luckily for you, we sat down with a couple of experienced travelers and they gave us these following tips.

10Choose the Right Place

If you are planning a trip on a budget, make sure that you choose the right country or state. You may not like hearing this, but have you considered traveling outside of first world? Most western countries are expensive by nature, so staying at a hotel in western Europe is out of the question.

If you’re serious about traveling to exotic lands, you should consider places like Central or South America, and why not, South-East Asia. There are plenty of tourist attractions in places like Cambodia for example, and hotels over there are extremely cheap.