10 Weird & Disturbing Parasites


It is said that 50% of all the creatures on planet Earth have some sort of parasite living inside them, whether it is a small parasitic organism or a large tapeworm. As a matter of facts, there are millions of times more parasites on our planet than there are people alive. Some of these parasites are beyond strange, but regardless of how strange they are, parasites provide a certain degree of balance and stability to the ecosystem. Each of the parasites on our list is unique in its own way, yet all of them are disturbingly weird.

10Living Worm Towers

This worm lives into the body of a dung beetle, but it doesn’t begin to feed on its host until after the beetle is dead. To some extent, the living worm tower doesn’t qualify as a parasite, but what else could you call it? It goes like this: the beetle dies, and the bacterial explosion from its corpse acts as the worm’s food source and breeding place. The worm tower gets its name due to the way it enters the host in the first place. During their larvae state, these worms gather and form a tower by sticking to each others. As soon as a beetle passes over them, they get glued to the beetle and begin their parasitic life.