10 Weird Websites You Should Know About


Did you ever end up on a strange website and asked yourself: “how in God’s name did I get here”? In our constant quest for entertainment, we do sometimes end up on strange websites, because the internet, as most of you would know by now, is a very large place. The internet is estimated to contain around 700 million websites, meaning that it would take a person about 1800 years to visit them all.

While some websites are very educational and useful, there are a few who nobody really knows what they’re all about or why were they made in the first place. This isn’t about the useful nor the useless websites on the internet, however, just the strangest. So sit back and relax while we take you on a journey throughout the furthest corners of the internet in search of the ten weirdest websites out there.


They say the term ‘conspiracy theory’ was coined by the CIA to attack the credibility of anyone who would stumble onto their dealings and would then try to expose them. By labeling that person or group of persons as nutjobs, whatever valuable information they would share with the world would have immediately been disregarded as crazy. This particular website deals with the many conspiracy theories out there along with relatively useful information on how to protect yourself against whatever dark forces might be out there. So put on your tinfoil hat and dig in.