11 Monogamous Animals That Mate For Life


As romantic as it may sound, the reason why some species mate for life has more to do with necessity than love. Having to go through the hassle of finding a mate every year makes animals vulnerable not only to predators but also to the harsh conditions some of them live in.

For instance, most people believe that penguins mate for life and this is true for most species, although the Emperor penguin is serially monogamous, meaning they will couple with a single mate every season.

While being the go-to example of monogamous animal for most people, there are a few other species who spent their entire lives with the mate of their choice. Let us, then, take a look at 11 animals who take the business of coupling very seriously.


While Gibbons are socially monogamous, it appears they are reproductively non-monogamous. For a very long time, it was believed that Gibbons were monogamous creatures, yet recent studies have shown that although they protect their territory as couples, they often mate with other Gibbons when reproducing.