15 Characteristics of People with Hazel Eyes


people with hazel eyes

They say you can learn much about a person just by looking them in the eyes, but is this applicable to their eye color? Studies show that eyes are closely linked neurologically to a person’s brain, mainly because this is how the brain sees the outside world. Specific patterns in the iris, for example, can give an indication of whether a person is warm and trusting or neurotic and impulsive. Furthermore, it is said that people with different eye colors have different personality traits. This being said, let us find out what the main characteristics of people with hazel eyes are.

Hazel-eyed people tend to be independent

Due to the fact that hazel is an uncommon shade, people who possess hazel eyes are told from quite a young age that they are somehow special. This makes them develop a certain confidence and independence that is uncommon to people with brown eyes for instance. Still, hazel-eyed people are subjected to the age-old issue of nature vs nature just the same as everybody else, despite having people talk about their eyes constantly.

They love taking risks

It is common for hazel-eyed people to be chance-takers in general, seeking thrill and adventure above all else. Although not applicable to all people with hazel eyes, a majority of them are known to be really passionate about what they do, almost to the point of challenging themselves. They also tend not to hesitate much when trying new things, due to their thrill-seeking nature.

They are sensitive

Another well-known characteristic of hazel-eyed people is their sensitive nature. Regardless of how outgoing or friendly they may be, people with hazel eyes also possess quite a soft and sensitive side that exposes them to a fair share of emotional damage. Sensitive not only to things but also to people around them, hazel-eyed people find it very hard to let things go for some reason, which in turn makes them handle things with extra care.

They are outgoing and impulsive

On average, people with hazel eyes are great at parties and social gatherings due to their light-hearted nature but also due to their friendly personality. They also have a very positive view on the world and the people around them, despite being quite sensitive about the things that surround them. Interestingly enough, it appears that hazel-eyed people with a greater degree of green coloring are less friendly than hazel-eyed people with darker coloring.

People with hazel eyes are short-tempered

For whatever reason, people with hazel eyes are difficult to handle whenever they’re having an ‘off’ day, or when they’re obviously troubled by something. They tend to lash out on the world and the people close to them much easier than blue-eyed people for example. We already talked about how sensitive they are and it appears that anger is just the other side of their sensitive coin.

They form unusual relationships

It appears that hazel-eyed people tend to form short-lived relationships. The main reason for this is because of how easily bored they tend to be, but also because of their sensitive nature. Combine this with their short-tempered and at the same time impulsive character, and you find out why most hazel-eyed people have difficulties maintaining normal relationships.

Many hazel-eyed people are beautiful

Compared to people with brown eyes for example, hazel-eyed people tend to be more attractive on average. This is mainly due to how people perceive those among them with unusually colored eyes. Due to the rarity of hazel-eyed people within society, those who do possess such eyes are often seen as exotic and elegant. It also helps that hazel-eyed people can match a wider variety of light-colored clothes with their eyes, thus adding to their elegance.

They are restless when pressured

On average, people with hazel eyes tend to be restless under pressure, more so than people with blue eyes for example. This being said, there are plenty of hazel-eyed people out there who are quite composed and calm, even though there aren’t that many of them. It isn’t clear what exactly causes people with hazel eyes to be restless by default, although some may suggest that it has something to do with how rare they are in society.

They are sharp and witty

People with hazel eyes are also known for their spontaneity and quick wits. This is partly due to their outgoing personality, but also due to their sensitive nature which dictates that they avoid drawn-out conflicts. This allows them to develop quick wits from an early age, a sharpness that protects them not only from the people around them, but also from themselves. We should point out, however, that not all hazel-eyed people share these characteristics, just a big number of them.

People with hazel eyes are mischievous

As children, people with hazel eyes are known to get into a lot of trouble but also to get out of them with ease. Not all of them are like that, of course, but you would be surprised how many hazel-eyed children get away with naughty behavior. To some extent, this is also one of the reasons why hazel-eyed people grow up to be sharp and witty, maybe they develop these traits early in life.

They will lead if allowed to

Another interesting characteristic of hazel-eyed people is that they’ll lead if given the opportunity. Unless put under tremendous among of pressure, hazel-eyed people, although sensitive about their surroundings, will often take charge is allowed to do so. This being said, it is quite often that they get into a confrontation which in turn, leads to them triggering their sensitive side.

Hazel-eyed people are narcissistic

While most people with hazel eyes will develop an outgoing personality due to always being complimented, there are some who develop quite a narcissistic one for the exact same reasons. Nevertheless, people will often be pleased to interact with hazel-eyed people, on average at least. This might have something to do with their ability to be elegant at all times, but also thanks to their outgoing personality.

They are quite sensual

On a more personal note, it is said about hazel-eyed people that they are sensual and caring lovers. We aren’t 100% sure whether this is true because we didn’t really have the time or the subjects to test this theory on, but people are in fact saying it quite often. As a matter of fact, the rumor that hazel-eyed people are sensual lovers is quite an urban myth nowadays, so maybe you will have the opportunity to test this one for us if you have the chance.

They are unpredictable

We aren’t really sure if hazel-eyed people are often unpredictable due to their quick wits or whether it is a result of their sensitive, elusive nature. In general, You would do well not to assume too much of them, because they’ll often find a way to catch you off-guard by doing the exact opposite of what was expected of them. For instance, we often see hazel-eyed singers and actors get into dubious arrangements or fruitless contract agreements. Some would call hazel-eyed people stubborn to some extent and they wouldn’t be far off.

Sometimes their eyes change color

Interestingly enough, people sometimes change eye color during puberty, especially people with hazel eyes. It is estimated that an average of 15% of all people suffer a slight change in the color of their eyes throughout their teenage years. For instance, some people born with brown eyes sometimes end up with hazel eyes in their 20s whereas a small number of hazel-eyed people have their eye color change into a brown-ish color during puberty. We should point out, however, that due to the fact that hazel isn’t such an easily identifiable color, a wide range of eye colors are often classified as being hazel.

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