15 Flightless Birds List – Birds That Can’t Fly


We already talked about the fastest flying birds, but what about those birds who cannot fly at all? When we think of birds, we think of flying creatures floating free through the skies above, yet this isn’t always the case. As we are about to find out, not all birds fly, or at least not the way most of them do. While most birds fly to find food, impress mates, or to evade predators, some birds have evolved past the need to fly, mainly because of their environment.

These birds live in areas where they aren’t threatened by that many predators, and at the same time, areas where foods is in abundance. Even so, most of these birds still have wings, although they have very little use for them other than impressing potential mates. Let us then find out what the most widespread flightless birds in the world are.

15Inaccessible Island Rail

The Inaccessible Island Rail is the smallest flightless bird in the world. This particular bird can be found on the inaccessible volcanic island in the Tristan archipelago, one of the most remote inhabited areas in the world. These birds live mostly in grasslands and steep slopes where they have almost no predators.