20 Interesting Facts About Dreams


‘Keep the dream alive’, they say, or ‘follow your dreams’, there seem to be a thousand sayings about dreams and they all point out just how stupendously mysterious dreams are, yet how important they are for us at the same time. Scientists say that dreams keep us sane as they are an integral part of our brain’s resting process, helping us stabilize our psyche thus preventing any psychosomatic illnesses that may arise otherwise.

Human beings have a rich history of interpreting dreams in an effort to make sense of things that have already happened or to envision the things that are yet to come. It used to be that ancient civilizations would consider dreams omens of future events and they would over-analyze the dreams of their most important individuals as if they were revelations from the gods themselves.

We nowadays know better than to think about dreams as being of a supernatural nature, yet there are so mysterious still. Here are some interesting facts about dreams or about dreaming in general that you might not have known.


Some people have been known to experience an extreme form of REM sleep disorder called sleepwalking. When sleepwalking, they will sometimes get dressed and leave their homes at night, wondering the streets at random. Some sleepwalkers have been known to act out in ways they normally wouldn’t were they not sleeping at the time.

Some documented cases of severe sleepwalking include a woman who would get dressed, go out, and then have sexual encounters with strangers. Others would paint gorgeous portraits while sleepwalking although they didn’t have any artistic background, whereas some people would hurt themselves by falling down windows and opened doors.