25 Interesting Facts about Mars


Before the 8 rover missions that expanded our knowledge of Mars, a lot has been speculated about the red planet. It used to be that people believed extra-terrestrial beings lived there, some even theorized that our own species originated on Mars, while most of the ancient civilizations named their gods of war after it.

We nowadays know a lot about Mars, thanks to not only the rovers that walked its surface, but also due to the extended research and observation of our nearest neighbor. This extensive research has gathered some pretty interesting information about Mars over the years and we would do well to take notice of some of the most interesting facts we currently know about it.

25Mars is red because of its rustic dust

The red planet gets its color from the minerals on its surface, minerals that are rich in iron. Mars’ atmosphere, carries these minerals throughout the planet, giving it a reddish color from afar. As for the minerals on mars, the ones that can be found near its surface get oxidized over time, rusting after a long time. It may come as a shock to some of you but Mars does indeed have an atmosphere, just not a habitable one.