35 Dares for Truth or Dare


35 dares for truth or dare

The game of Truth or Dare is probably one of the most popular in the world right now and it’s easy to understand why. Not only does it require you to admit things you normally wouldn’t dream of, but it will also allow you to embarrass your friends to no end. Truth or Dare also allows you to get to know people better through its ‘truth’ section while providing you the fun of enjoying yourself quite a bit when the ‘dare’ part comes into play. So to make this already fun game even funnier, we’ve come up with 35 extremely hilarious dares for you to torment your friends with the next time you play.

1. Stay perfectly still for a minute – This is the type of dare that most people at parties will have real difficulties completing due to alcohol being involved.

2. Put on a blindfold and dance – The purpose of this dare is to get the dared player to dance blindfolded with other players and then watching them trying to determine who they were.

3. Eat something that isn’t supposed to be eaten alone – For instance, try to get them to eat ketchup or hot sauce without eating anything else at the same time.

4. Use your tongue to touch your nose – Or better still, if they’re unable to comply, have other players touch the dared person’s nose with their own tongues.

5. ‘Go commando’ for the rest of the game – For this dare, they have to play the rest of the game without any underwear, remember to ask for proof that they’ve taken it off.

6. Be another player’s slave for 10 minutes – For a period of 10 minutes, the dared player will do whatever another player asks of them.

7. Go outside and run circles while screaming – This can be ten times funnier if they scream ‘help me, I’ve lost my voice’.

8. Name all the seven dwarfs – Tell them to remind you the names of all seven of Snow White’s dwarfs.

9. Put an ice cube in your pants and keep it there until it melts – Ask them for proof that it completely melted afterward.

10. Give a piggyback to another player – For at least 30 seconds, they have to carry another player on their back.

11. Call any person in your phone’s agenda and ask them a random question – This random question should probably be something funny in itself, yet something that cannot be answered easily.

12. Put lipstick on another person without using your hands – For instance, they could hold the lipstick in their mouth while trying to apply it on a(preferably) female player.

13. For at least 3 rounds, they have to sit on all four and bark at another player whenever they move or talk – Pretty self-explanatory.

14. Play with your hands tied for at least 3 rounds – For added fun, they will only get their hands untied after daring another person something equally constricting.

15. Eat a dish without using your hands – Choose a messy dish from the kitchen for them to eat without using their hands.

16. Act out a TV commercial – Tell them to choose and act out any TV commercial of their choice.

17. Tie toilet paper around their feet and keep it there – For the duration of the game, they will have to play with toilet paper tied around their legs.

18. Pound your chest like Tarzan – They have to pound their chest and scream like Tarzan.

19. Poke an unknown person on Facebook – Tell them to choose a person at random and poke them using their own Facebook profile.

20. Make out with a food item – After choosing a solid enough type of food, they have to kiss it passionately for at least 30 seconds.

21. Put on a blindfold and try to guess other players’ identity by touching their faces – For added fun, they aren’t allowed to remove the blindfold until they’ve guessed it right.

22. Parrot what other players are saying for at least 3 rounds – For the next 3 rounds, they have to repeat everything another player is saying.

23. Double dare: two players have to come increasingly closer to one another until they touch – Twist: the person who first touches the other person must answer a penalty truth question.

24. Take off a shoe and suck your own toe – If they are unable to suck their own toe they must suck on another player’s toe.

25. Drop an ice cube inside your shirt and dance it off – Without using their hands, they have to dance until the cube falls off or gets melted.

26. For the rest of the evening, you must begin every sentence with a specific catchphrase – For instance, every sentence coming out of their mouths should begin with ‘Praise the Lord’.

27. Describe what you would do to another player if they were your slave for an hour – In full detail, they must describe exactly what they would do to another player if they were their slave.

28. Hug another person and don’t let go – For as long as possible, hug another player and refuse to let go until they physically push you away.

29. Record a video of yourself and post it on YouTube – Better still, it should be a video of them singing a popular song.

30. Wear a bike helmet for the rest of the game – They should wear a bicycle helmet for the remainder of the game and not take it off no matter what.

31. Put your hands in another player’s pocket – For at least 5 minutes, they should keep their hands in another player’s pockets.

32. Let other players mess with your favorite video game – If they play an MMORPG game, they should log into their account and let other players mess with it for at least 3 minutes.

33. Let another player tie you up – They will have their hands and feet tied together for at least 3 rounds.

34. Update your Facebook status to something embarrassing – For instance, they should update their Facebook status saying that they’re looking for a date.

35. Sit on another player’s lap and act as if you were riding a bicycle – For at least 90 seconds, sit on a player’s lap and use them as if they were a bicycle.