Top 10 Best 3-Wheeled Scooters of 2017 – Reviews


Although push scooters aren’t a new thing, 3-wheel scooters certainly are. They are also becoming increasingly popular nowadays and understandably so given how mobile, lightweight, and easy to control they are. On top of all this, 3-wheel scooters are known to be a lot more stable than traditional scooters and all-around better solution for anyone who might not be fit to ride a bike for whatever reason. Having said that, you shouldn’t just buy the first 3-wheel scooter you lay your eyes on. To give you some insight on the matter, we put together a list of the ten best 3-wheel scooters money can buy.

10SkiMotion Fitness 3-Wheel Fitness Scooter

amazon buttonStraight from the packaging, this is one of the scooters that it easiest to assemble. Other than that, the design of the scooter is quite rigid, seeing that the handlebars are not adjustable upwards. As such, it is more suited for children and shorter individuals since taller people would have to crouch uncomfortably to use it. The scooter features a modest build that is quite comfortable for children.

9Active Play Toys and Games Sporter

amazon buttonA powerful braking system, a playfully bright design, and a sturdy build are what the Sporter 3-wheeled scooter brings to the table. It is significantly more stable than the rest and easier to control. The scooter is recommended for kids who are first-time riders. It is self-paced, meaning the speeds can be set as low as is safe and fun for the children. It comes in a convenient foldable design that makes it easy to store.

8Active Play Sporter S3 Scooter

amazon buttonThe Sporter three-wheeled scooter comes in a playful hue of light turquoise that is very easy to spot. It is a lightweight scooter with a perfectly foldable design that is suitable for young children and even toddlers. The three-wheel design and the low top speed of the scooter make it more stable and safer for children. The brakes are powerful but gentle, and very easy to manipulate for young children.

7Y-Fliker Three-Wheeled Scooter from Y-Volution

amazon buttonAttractively painted in a coat of bright green and black, this is one of the trendiest scooters in the list. The 3-wheeled scooter features a more than sturdy design and a body that can be folded easily for convenient storage and transportation. Velcro straps help to keep the folded scooter nice and compact. From the box, the scooter is mostly assembled, save for the handlebar which is very easy to fix. This model is best suited for children due to its easy control and stylish colors.

6Trikke T7 Convertible Carving Scooter

amazon buttonThis scooter is ideal for riders aged 8 years and older. Its adjustable handlebar makes it universally comfortable for both short and tall riders. The scooter is however somehow lacking when it comes to power and it might be a little sluggish going uphill. The tires also do not create the smoothest riding experience and are not as sturdy. The convertible scooter is very easy to store and transport since the front axle detaches for ease of packing.

5Triumph Mobility Trizer 3-Wheel Scooter

amazon buttonThe solid build of this scooter makes it one of the most durable options in this list. The adult scooter features a sturdy steel frame that can support up to 200 pounds. It comes with a very easy to use hand brake for quick but gentle stopping. Its plastic wheels may, however, be its only downside since they are not as strong. Nevertheless, it is perfectly fun to ride and comes in color options of orange, black, yellow and red.

4Trikke T67 3-Wheeled Scooter

amazon buttonThis scooter looks more balanced and much stronger even at first glance. The three-wheel scooter is surprisingly made for preschool children despite its very sturdy build. It is perfect for cruising on smoothly paved surfaces and can support the weight of a fully grown adult. One upgrade buyers may want to make however is from the poly wheels it comes with to air tires, which offer much better control and smoother riding experiences.

3YBIKE GLX Pro Scooter

amazon buttonFor a significantly higher price, you get to enjoy a much more premium scooter design and top-of-of-range materials. The scooter features a sturdy build that has been reinforced using ABS fiber. Its raised deck features a textured surface that dramatically enhances grip and consequently control and balance. Other features of the scooter include a lightweight but durable aluminum handlebar, a rear brake and precision wheel bearings. The scooter can hold up to 120 pounds.

2Razor Power Wing Caster Scooter

amazon buttonUnique scooter designs don’t get much better than the Razor Power Wing scooter, which has decided to go with a connected back wheel design for enhanced stability and optimized control. The lean-to-steer scooter is perfect for children aged 5 and older and is especially suited for performing impressive scooter tricks. It has a maximum weight capacity of 143 pounds. The overall speed of this scooter is also slower, making it a whole lot safer for children or old riders.

1T-Bar 3-Wheeled Kick Scooter

amazon buttonThis scooter features a more compact and admittedly modernistic design that makes it a lot easier to ride. Every part of it is easy to replace, making it quite a solid option for people looking for something long term. The scooter is able to hold quite a number of pounds and is more stable and balanced thanks to its flawless construction. Not only that but it also benefits from a fairly sturdy construction, one that allows it to withstand a fair amount of abuse before showing any signs of damage. All things considered, it is perhaps one of the best 3-wheel scooters out there.